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It's time to make your home a reflection of you! 


If you love your neighbourhood, why move? A home renovation is an opportunity to change your home and design it to fit your needs and become your vision of what home should be.

Although it is a daunting task to consider — it’s a large time, financial and emotional commitment — the outcome can be outstanding and worth the investment.

At some point in a house’s life cycle, it needs upgrading or at least refreshing for multiple reasons. It not only improves your home’s function and technological infrastructure, it can also improve flow, comfort and market value.

We can work directly with architects, contractors and builders to help design the concept, plan the layout, order the fixtures, design materials, furnishings and finishes and complete the vision of your renovation project.

New Builds

From the ground up we work with architects and builders finessing plans and adding in all the finishes and materials like electrical, plumbing, lighting placement and trim work. We speak their language so we will communicate your vision and work collaboratively with them.

Our expertise carries over to the building process. We will help coordinate with the trades and be available to answer questions. We’re also the last ones to leave before the keys get handed over. We want to ensure that every last detail is in place.

Space Planning

It's important how an entire house works together, whether you’re updating a room, adding a room or building a whole house. Flow, function, and form all contribute to order and calm in your space.

We measure, then create CAD (computer-aided design) plans for space planning and building projects. From ceiling lighting placement to cabinetry install locators, the fine details are contractor-ready.


Adding the finishing touches to a room is a key designer secret! We will accessorize any space to give you that “designer look”.

Room Makeovers

We offer complete room makeovers to renew and refresh a space. From picking new paint, furniture, and drapery to a whole new floor plan we will bring function and beauty to your room.

Colour Consulting

Whether it’s paint, a fabric, furniture or art, we can help you choose the right colours for home, inside and out.


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