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Interior Design Services

Design Process

First Things First:

Once you book your initial consultation or project we will call you to get a better understanding of your design style and what you're looking for throughout your project. 

Design Consultation: 

We will meet with local clients either at their location or the showroom. The consultation allows Divine Haven to get to know you, your project needs, budget, and timeline. It may consist of gathering measurements, acquiring photos of your space for your project or simply just guiding you on design suggestions for a new look on your own. This is also YOUR time to ask questions and get an interior designer’s point of view. We also offer consultations by phone, Skype/FaceTime, and email for e-design clients that are too far away or out-of-province.



Design Concept Development:

If you would like to hire us for a specific design service, after a discussion or meeting we will draw up a “Letter of Agreement” which outlines the design scope of the entire interior design project requested. We will then begin the design development process for your particular project which can consist of a complete room design makeover, a floor plan layout of a single room or a paint color scheme for an entire home or commercial space.



Client Design Review & Delivery:

Once the design concept is completed it will be delivered for your review.  You may choose to take the design concepts, floor plans, and other materials and implement them on your own at your own pace, as well as handle your own purchasing, or you can hire us to complete this portion of the project for you. You may have questions at this point in the process which we are here for you to answer.




This service is offered to clients that don’t have the time to do their own purchasing.  We will create all of your purchase orders for the design developed as well as negotiate with vendors on the best price for you. Once all purchase orders are completed and the budget is approved by the client the buying process can begin.  All purchase orders can be handed over at this time to the client for placing their own orders directly or Divine Haven can place the orders for you and coordinate delivery set up.




Sometimes the most crucial part of a design is the delivery and installation process. If you prefer to have a designer at the job site during delivery and installation we are available for you. We make sure that the process goes smoothly and items are implemented properly within the space. Once everything is finished there is a final walk-through between the designer and client of the newly completed space.

Ready to get started? 

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